MISWAK is a traditional teeth cleaning root in the Islamic community. It has been utilized for several centuries. The natural ceramics ensures excellent surface protection and enhances the effectiveness of brushing. As a unique combination of miswak powder and surface smoothing natural ceramics, our toothbrush offers a completely new tooth brushing concept.

In the Islamic and pre-Islamic world, natural chew sticks known as miswak, made from the Salvadora persica tree, have been used as toothbrushes since the pre-Christian era.

Miswak is believed to possess antibacterial, whitening, and deodorizing effects. Indeed, even Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam, recommended the use of miswak as an essential religious practice to cleanse the mouth before prayer.

Islam places a high value on physical hygiene and Muslims commonly use these traditional sticks to cleanse their mouths before prayer.   

Through our collaboration with our Partner in Japan, We are presenting to the World the New products  “WORLD’S FIRST  MISWAK TOOTHBRUSH”. The product has been registered in JAPAN ; Utility Model Registration No : 3211072.